Monday, February 13, 2012

Check In

That's the farm, the little idyllic sunlit patch of flat bottomland right in the middle of the photo. Amazing, no? I feel blessed every day to be able to live here.

Time has flown during my month and a half on Alex's farm, and chances to "do internet" have been few and far between. Settling into the rustic, communal life on the banks of the Rio Azul has been wonderful. I've gotten to harvest rye by hand with Japanese sickles, build a door for a calf's pen, learn about cultivating cereals with a team of horses, inaugurate a new earthen-built sauna with a first sweat, and enjoy wood oven-baked wild blackberry crisp. I've also been served whiskey, wine, and champagne on a bus. I promise to report on more in this space soon, with photos.
In the meantime, I would love to hear from the people who've been checking on this blog. Shoot me a quick email to say hello (people with whom I email regularly are exempted). If you'd like, also include a comment on what's been your favorite part of the blog, or what you'd like to see in my future reporting. Knowing that these pictures and words haven't been disappearing into the cyber ether will be great for warm fuzzies, as well as motivation to post more, soon! So if you want more, soon...:


  1. Hi Gabe,
    I check your blog regularly. I enjoy reading about your adventures because they are so different from my own. I spend my time searching through experiences of the body and mind in health and disease while you are out exploring some unknown parts of the world and experiencing and analyzing the effects on your own state. My favorite part so far has been your trip through the rivers on the awefully crowded boat, into the strange bardo of the river town, and then the break through into nature after the days of purgatory carrying cement bags. I think that it was a great documentation of the various adversities you went through and what tactics you used to pass while experiencing and learning. I am happy to read whatever you write. I just like to know what my brother is doing and that you are safe.

  2. I like pictures of the landscape!
    Text-wise, I love the stories of the folks you meet and those kind of interactions. As Omma said, who joins the CSA?

  3. I love reading about the places and events you encounter because of the non-traditional things you report. I can slip right into your experience because of the shared perspectives we often have.